An Introduction to Wuji Qigong

A one day workshop with Stephan Wik at Fridhem, Stjärnsund on Saturday, 24 Sep 2022

Qigong is a mind-body exercise form that uses meditation, breathing, and movement to increase energy and enable the body to heal itself. The exercise and healing techniques used were developed in ancient China and Tibet. It is widely practiced for a variety of reasons and has countless health-related benefits.

The Wuji Qigong form is easy to learn and require no previous experience. Wuji Gong was founded by Zhang San-Feng, the originator of Taijiquan, (Tai Chi) in the Ming Dynasty, some 600 years ago. It is a Taoist internal style of qigong. The core idea behind the practice is derived from Taoist cosmology. First was the utmost point of nothingness (wuji), then came the great ultimate (taji). The form takes the practitioner through the four directions: east, south, west and north, while constantly maintaining the still point in the center. Here’s a nice demonstration.

The form combines movement, breathing and visualisation to produce a powerful qi (energy) field that the practitioner can then carry forth into the rest of their life. It stimulates the flow of qi (vital force) for health and longevity. It may also boost immune functioning, promote circulation and lymphatic flow. This powerful and elegant qigong form will be a valuable tool for self cultivation and self discovery for the rest of one’s life!

This workshop is open to beginners as well as experienced students of qigong. The workshop will also include basic qigong theory, Taoist cosmology, relevant acupressure understanding and self-massage as well as a healing meditation. 

Participants should, by the end of the workshop, be able to practice the form on their own at home. Regular (ideally daily) sessions of Wuji Qigong are recommended to obtain maximum benefit from the practice. 

About Stephan

Stephan Wik is a fully accredited Qigong and Tai Chi instructor. He trained at the IIQTC in California with Dr. Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.

Dr. Jahnke learned the Wuji Qigong form from Zhu Hui who, in his turn, learned from a long line of master teachers who received the original transmission, it is claimed, from the legendary alchemist Zhang Sang Feng who lived 800 years ago. Zhang Sang Feng was a luminary hermit from Wu Dang Mountain who is also, legendarily, claimed as the originator of the spiritually enlightened martial art, Tai Chi (Taiji).

Stephan has been leading Taoist retreats and courses in Scotland, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands for over 25 years. He focuses on mentoring (rather than teaching) and enjoys sharing knowledge based on living experience. His approach encourages people to grow into their own authentic experience of the ancient practice of Qigong. He has published books and articles on Taoist healing practices and lectured in China at a major Taoist conference.

Stephan was a member of the group that founded Stiftelsen Stjärnsund in 1984. He then lived for 13 years in the Findhorn Community and was a member of the team that created The Global Eco-village Network.

Practical Details​

Date: Saturday, 24 Sep 2022

Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Location:  Fridhem, Stjärnsund, Dalarna, Sweden (travel instructions)

Cost: by donation (proceeds to Stiftelsen Stjärnsund for Fridhem renovations)

Please a bring a light lunch and wear loose fitting clothing. If the weather is suitable the workshop will take place outdoors.

Contact email for any queries: